Why should you choose us?

Do you plan to start production or purchase of goods in China? In our person, you will find the ideal representative of your company in the PRC and avoid difficulties in building the necessary business processes.

Advantages of outsourcing in China

You will not have to:

  • learn Chinese, overcoming the language barrier;             

  • constantly travel to China personally and solve all issues through an interpreter or arrange a business trip to the right specialist and spend resources that can be put in another direction, for example, the development of the company;             

  • work directly with Chinese suppliers or manufacturers, communicating via telephone and e-mail in English. Problems and difficulties with translation in this case have not yet been avoided, because many companies in China simply do not have English-speaking personnel;          

  • to create your office in China with an expanded staff of necessary specialists;             

  • to suffer losses, because the Chinese partners have other, different from yours, the traditions of doing business and business ethics;

Outsourcing in China is, first of all, manufacturing outsourcing. That is, the transfer of production functions orbusiness processes from one companyto another, specializing in this industry. The main goal is to shift from the responsibility for the organization of business processes that are not the main for the company to specialists.

Outsourcing can transfer a significant part of the business processes: the search for a supplier or manufacturer, the placement of orders, the harmonization of legal aspects of the transaction, the control of production and product quality, delivery and logistics.

It is clear that at the preparatory and initial stage of business development work through third parties will be much more profitable. The advantages are undeniable:

  • outsourcing company, as a rule, has the necessary knowledge, experience and can offer already proven schemes of work.

  • freeing up the staff and financial resources of your company for the development of other business lines;

  • costs are reduced, since the services of outsourcers are cheaper than training their own employees or expanding staff;

  • risks are reduced because the search for a supplier, manufacturer, inspection of finished products and logistics schemes are conducted by professionals who are well acquaintedwith local markets, their conditions and requirements.

    The more serious you are about choosing your representative in Chinanow, the less misunderstanding, problems and unexpected losses you will have in the future. Remember that in China, first build relationships between partners, and then business. Transfer current business processes toour hands, and we will build your business in China.