23.04.2018 | Vladislav Gubarkov malinasport

Good day to all!

I suggest that we slightly dilute the thematic discussions in the group, with my comment about the recent trip to China. The idea of the trip was ripe for me for a long time, the variety of materials and accessories, the production capabilities of China have long been beckoning for its accessibility.

I started looking for partners who could take me on the spot, take me to the most interesting places and introduce them to the secrets and peculiarities of local business. Unfortunately, at first I found people whose proposal initially seemed tempting, but with more detailed analysis it turned out to be a fraud. And I was very dejected when I remembered Denis Starchikov. At that time he was in Moscow and found time to meet. We discussed all the details of the trip, he dispelled my fears and found an approach to solving my problems. Next, I outlined the goals for the trip, such as the selection of materials and fittings, the search for new, interesting positions for sale and the organization of production in China, only about 50 items on the list. Looking ahead, I will say that the goals were fulfilled by 90%, and this for 4 full-time, working days! Denis met me at the airport, settled in a beautiful and inexpensive hotel, in the same building with his office and then work began … We spent 10 hours in traveling around trade and business centers, meetings with representatives of factories and brands, almost every hour was spended really effectively. On the road Denis literally hammered into my head his invaluable, expert experience based on many years of work in various brands of clothes, patiently and capacitively answered silly and tricky questions, and also acquainted me with the culture and philosophy of China. His consultations and active participation in the selection of fabrics and accessories can be called an invaluable help, and knowledge of the Chinese language in perfection greatly facilitated acquaintance and negotiations with the Chinese partners.

Summing up, I will say that I arrived absolutely different person, full of inspiration, expert knowledge and understanding of the further development of the company. So if you have a question: Russia or China, whether to go or not to go, it is worth it or not, then I recommend to go unequivocally, at least in the format of vacation or pleasure trip with the family. You are guaranteed to get new emotions, new inspiration and new ways of further growth and development!

Sergey Podtopelny

Our company is engaged in the production of men's clothing of large sizes.
In production, we need quality, stylishaccessories. That's exactly what we found in the company "D @ M". We have been cooperating for several years now. I want to express my gratitude for the promptness in the execution of our orders, punctuality and accuracy in the design of design solutions that we do not always find in other manufacturers.We hope for long-term cooperation.

Alexander Milevsky

For a long time already, China has been a partner and supplier of goods for companies around the world. And very often, it is here that businessmen are looking for interesting offers.So we decided to visit the world-famous exhibition in Guangzhou. Knowing that in China it is far from easy with communications in English,we turned to Denis for help accompanying us in the exhibition center and in organizing a departmental program.
The trip was incredibly interesting. In addition to visiting two exhibition "phases", with the help of our consultant, we managed to visit many interesting places in Guangzhou and even visit Hong Kong.

I want to thank our guide for the rich and interesting program of staying in China. We could see a lot, we could feel much, we managed to "touch" a lot. I highly recommend that you seek help, especially if you are planning a trip for the first time. Avoiding unnecessary stress will be able to do alot and see if you combine business and leisure.

Alexander Milevsky
OOO "Info-Expert"


Work in the field of youth clothing requires knowledge of trends and the promptness of purchasing decisions. The company "D @ M" helps us quickly organize orders for the necessary goods in factories, choose the optimal type of delivery and ensures uninterrupted delivery of orders to the final destination. It is not unimportant that any issue arising in the course of the work is solved in the shortest possible time. Thank you for your work and look forward to further cooperation.

Capsula Team