Our most important service is to help maintain and multiply your business, in the wilds of Southeast Asia. After all, as practice shows, more than half of entrepreneurs who want to transfer their production to China, suffer a fiasco by ignorance or from the services of "helpers". But if you want to transfer your production to Southeast Asia without any loss of money, then check our services. Good luck in your endeavors!  

Business Tours in China

If your task is your desire to visit thematic exhibitions, factories and at the same time learn a little about the culture of China, our Business Tour service in China will be of interest to you.

Manufacturer search in China

The decision to move production to China is expedient and justified economically. This reduction in the cost of raw materials, labor, rent of premises and, as a consequence, a reduction in the cost of goods and increased profits.

Choosing a manufacturer in China

Get a list of suitable manufacturers on hand - half the battle. The most difficult is to choose a partner, at whose capacities your business will be built in the future.

Contact and interaction with your supplier

To conduct business in China means that you are almost always in a state of psychological warfare. This is not friendship for ages. For Chinese partners, you are a foreigner.

Development Terms of Reference for products

Do they often explain to you what they want from you? We are sure that it is not so rare. And in a foreign language? Now imagine that you are trying to explain something to your Chinese partner, even with the help ofan interpreter. Agree that in this case it is incredibly difficult to agree on anything.

Manufacture and testing of samples, according to the Terms of Reference

The manufacturer has been found, negotiations have been held, the cooperation agreement is ready and it is time to sign a supply agreement. But it's not the time to relax! Ahead is one of the most critical stages of the whole enterprise: the production, verification and approval of samples.

Quality control of products at all stages of production

Find the right manufacturer, develop documentation and work through the samples - this does not yet give a 100% guarantee that the finished product will meet all the required parameters. It is necessary to control the launch and production of products.

Logistics anywhere in Russia

The party is ready, checked for quality, the packing sheets are checked. What to do next? How to transfer cargo on favorable terms, andyet not lose it? Who to contact, for help? How to properly carry the goods through customs?