How to find a quality textile supplier in China?

How to find a quality textile supplier in China?


The myth still lives in the minds of many people that everything produced in China is of very low quality. The phrase “Made in China” still scares off many entrepreneurs looking for inexpensive and quality fabrics, ready-to-wear and other textiles.

In fact, the situation in Chinese light industry has changed a long time ago. Now factories in China produce a huge variety of items for every taste, color and wallet. It is not for nothing that China's share in the world textile market has reached 30%. Chinese manufactures provide strong competition even to such recognized textile workers as Turkey, which is known for the high quality of its products.

At the same time, you can really find in China very cheap things of not the best quality, only they are usually produced for the domestic market. The fact is that all textile factories in China can be roughly divided into 3 categories: working for the domestic market; working for developing countries; working with well-known brands from the USA and Europe.

Naturally, the quality and price in these categories will differ. For goods going to our own, domestic market, the cheapest materials and the cheapest labor are most often used. This allows manufacturers to survive in China's harsh competitive environment.

Those who work for export maintain the quality standards set in the country where the products are then sent. In developed countries these requirements are very high, in many developing countries they are not so high, but still marriage and consumer goods will not work. Thus, everyone who orders the supply of materials or finished things from China will receive the goods of the quality that he needs.

An important role here is played by the choice of a supplier factory. Language barriers and other communication difficulties can lead to errors and misunderstandings between you and the supplier. To avoid trouble, it is best to do business with Chinese manufacturers through intermediaries who know the Chinese language, the Chinese market, and its features, and also have an established base of reliable suppliers.

We have all this, and we also have a wealth of experience in helping entrepreneurs in arranging supplies from China. Contact us if you want to receive quality goods at reasonable prices without any problems!

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