Footer - a modern substitute for wool

Footer - a modern substitute for wool


Surely everyone had, in childhood, and maybe even now, a sweater that pricks. It is comfortable, warm, but rough material makes it uncomfortable to wear. To avoid these not very pleasant sensations, you can use a modern fabric - footer.

Footer was invented a long time ago, but no one knows its exact history. The secret of the footer is in a special weave of threads. From the outside, the material turns out to be smooth, and from the inside it has a soft, pleasant texture. In modern factories, a footer is made, the inner surface of which has a kind of fleece.

What properties does footer fabric have?

It should be noted that the footer is made of cotton, that is, it is basically a natural fabric. Accordingly, garments from the footer allow the skin to breathe, and also perfectly wick moisture away from the body. Here it must be said that the footer is a hypoallergenic material, so it can be used even for making clothes for the children.

The fabric is quite durable, which allows you to avoid stretching, abrasions and other mechanical damage. There are no pellets on footer products either.

Polyester or lycra is sometimes added to the footer for greater strength and elasticity. In this case, footer products will have a pleasant shine and become more pulling and durable.

The only thing that should be taken into account when making clothes from a footer is that high temperatures and direct sunlight are contraindicated for this material. Their effect will lead to the destruction of fibers and the fabric will become unusable.

How is the footer used?

The properties of this fabric make it versatile. From the footer, you can make equally high-quality and pleasant things of completely different categories. It can be a dressing gown, a jacket for the cold season, and a tracksuit.

It is pleasant and comfortable to wear things from a footer. Moreover, they will be durable.

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