How and from what is artificial fur made?

How and from what is artificial fur made?


With the development of technology, many natural materials and fabrics have been improved or completely replaced by artificial analogues. One can talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this approach for a very long time, one thing is clear - artificial materials have changed the production of clothing and the entire light industry.

Even fur, which has always been a rather expensive material, can now be afforded by everyone. True, the fur will be artificial, but at first glance, few people will be able to distinguish it from natural. Let's figure out what it is made of, and how, as a result, such a high-quality replacement, which is difficult to distinguish from natural material, is obtained.

What materials are used to make faux fur?

Like natural fur, artificial fur consists of two main parts: the base and the pile. Both are successfully replaced with factory-produced materials.

The base is usually an ordinary canvas made of natural materials, but with the addition of synthetics for strength. If you look at the seamy side of a faux fur garment, you will see this very base.

Pile is a little trickier as there are more material options. All these materials are produced chemically in factories, but they are very similar to natural fur. Most often, nylon, nitron or lavsan are used for the production of pile.

Methods for attaching the pile to the base

This is the second parameter after materials, which determines what the faux fur will be like. In general, all fastening methods are good and are often combined for greater product strength. There are three methods in total.

Knitting and stitching

The method consists in knitting the pile into the fibers of the base. A fairly strong connection is obtained, as a result of which the pile is firmly adhered to the base.


In this case, the fibers of the artificial fur are embedded in the warp threads. This method also achieves high strength.


The easiest way to attach is with glue. Most often, this method of fastening is used in combination with others to increase strength.

To make the artificial fur as similar to natural as possible, the villi are worked into the base to different depths, thus the texture of natural fur is formed. The resulting material is very difficult to distinguish from natural.

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