How to choose clothes for yoga and fitness?

How to choose clothes for yoga and fitness?


The choice of clothing for yoga and fitness should be approached wisely. Not every thing is suitable for these classes, but the right clothes will make training more effective and comfortable. Let's figure out what to wear to fitness to spend it with pleasure.

For yoga and fitness, it is best to use specialized clothing. It differs from any other choice of materials and features of tailoring. First of all, it is worth noting that there are no fasteners, belts and similar elements on such clothes. Everything is held on with rubber bands. This gives freedom of movement and safety when performing any exercise.

Clothing for yoga and fitness should be moderately loose. It is important to understand the fine line between tight clothing that restricts movement and impedes circulation, and clothing that is too loose. Clothing should be tight, but not tight.

Now let's move on to the choice of materials. Since we need clothes that are breathable, moisture-wicking and lightweight, the choice is not so simple. Pure cotton is immediately swept aside, because it will not give the necessary elasticity. In such clothes it will be inconvenient to do yoga or fitness.

As always, combined fabrics come to the rescue. Most often, 90% cotton and 10% lycra are used. As a result, the material has all the necessary properties. Natural materials allow the skin to breathe and remove moisture, while synthetics make clothes tight.

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