OXFORD fabric is the best choice for bags and backpacks. Features of the material and its scope

OXFORD fabric is the best choice for bags and backpacks. Features of the material and its scope


With the development of technology, the light industry has learned to solve almost any problem that fabrics face. Moreover, solutions have been found even for conditions that may seem unbearable for any woven material.

For example, people have always needed a material from which they could make durable products that are exposed to high loads: bags, backpacks, tents, etc. And such a material was invented, its name is Oxford cloth. The properties of this material are amazing.

How and from what is Oxford fabric made

Oxford is a fully synthetic material. This fabric is made on the basis of nylon or polyester, but the main secret is not only in the base, but also in the technique of weaving the fibers. The threads are intertwined here in whole groups, and not one by one. The result is a beautiful checkerboard pattern of squares of threads.

This weaving technology appeared several centuries ago in Scotland. With her help, even then, they made durable things mainly for men. Now, thanks to new materials and modern equipment, Oxford is a truly durable and high-quality fabric.

Oxford fabric properties

As we have already said, Oxford is used for the manufacture of those products that are subjected to high loads in all respects. The main properties for which Oxford fabric is valued are as follows:
  • high wear resistance,
  • water and dirt repellent properties,
  • resistance to high and low temperatures,
  • strength and abrasion resistance,
  • easy fabric care.
These properties allow Oxford fabric products to withstand the highest loads. For example, a bag made of such material will be very durable, the tent will be water-repellent by default, and the clothes will be protected from getting wet and heavy pollution.

If necessary, the fabric can be treated with any chemical composition and additional coatings can be applied. Oxford interacts well with chemicals and compounds without being damaged by their effects.

If you need Oxford fabric, we will help you arrange the supply of quality and inexpensive material from China. For all questions, you can contact us by phone or e-mail.

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