What are the differences between organic cotton and regular cotton?

What are the differences between organic cotton and regular cotton?


The pursuit of everything organic, natural and sustainable has become a strong trend. Now buyers pay a lot of attention to what material the clothes are made of, did the manufacturer try to protect nature, did he care about the environment?

It is because of this trend that Organic Cotton is gaining in popularity. At the same time, few people know how this cotton differs from ordinary cotton, and there are differences both in the production process and in the quality of the material obtained, and there are considerable ones.

What makes cotton organic?

In order for cotton to receive the proud title of Organic Cotton, it must be grown under a number of conditions:

There are no chemical fertilizers in the fields. When growing organic cotton, instead of insecticides, only safe substances are used to repel insect pests (aromatic baits - a mixture of garlic, chili and soap).

Crop rotation is observed in the fields (different types of plants are grown on the same field in turn), this allows you to restore the biological properties of the soil.

Cotton is picked by hand. Thus, it turns out to collect only ripe cotton bolls and avoid foliage. As a result, cotton gets higher quality and purity.

The production uses alternative energy sources.

If all these conditions are met, cotton can be safely called organic.

Organic cotton properties

It may seem to someone that there is no difference between organic and ordinary cotton, because in fact it is the same material, but the whole secret is in the details. Organic cotton is of much higher quality:

it is more durable and will last you longer than usual,

organic cotton has about 10% more air permeability compared to regular cotton,

The organic cotton fabric is softer and more delicate to the touch.

Most often, organic cotton fabric is used for the production of children's clothing. But for adults, the properties of the fabric are no less useful. Many global brands try to use organic cotton in their collections.

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