What fabrics are suitable for children's clothing

What fabrics are suitable for children's clothing


Children's clothing has always been taken very seriously, much more seriously than clothing for adults. The main requirement is that children's clothing should not negatively affect the health of the baby. So it must be hypoallergenic.

Naturally, not every material has this property, not every fabric is suitable for sewing children's clothing. Which one is right? Let's see what kind of fabric can be used for the production of children's clothing.

Natural materials

Natural materials are the first to come to mind. They subconsciously inspire confidence and seem to be inclined to sew children's clothes out of them. But even from natural materials you need to choose.

One of the most versatile natural materials is cotton. It perfectly removes moisture, allows the skin to breathe and does not cause any allergic reactions. True, you need to monitor the composition of the fabric, since cotton is often mixed with other fibers and materials.

Linen is another natural option for kids' clothes. When flax is grown, almost no chemicals are used, which makes this material environmentally friendly. Linen fabric preserves the fabric perfectly, also allows the skin to breathe and even has antiseptic properties.

Synthetic materials

Yes, among the synthetic materials there are also those that are suitable for children's clothing.

Thinsulate is a modern material that is obtained through a series of chemical reactions. The result is a material that is highly breathable, resistant to pollution and does not cause any negative reactions on the skin. You also don't have to worry about the chemical origin of the material, thinsulate does not contain toxic substances.

Lyocell is another synthetic representative that is perfect for children's clothes. This material is made from eucalyptus wood. It has all the necessary properties: breathes, absorbs moisture, protects against dust.

There are other materials that can be used for the production of children's things, but the materials described are just perfect, without any reservations, unlike many others.

Thinking about the choice of fabric for sewing children's clothing, contact us. We will select a trusted supplier for you and help you arrange the supply of quality materials at affordable prices.
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