What materials are belt buckles made from?

What materials are belt buckles made from?


The belt buckle is as important as the leather belt itself. More precisely, without a buckle, the belt will be just a leather ribbon, because it is the buckle that provides a secure fit and at the same time sets the style of the entire belt.

Both the appearance and reliability of the buckle are highly dependent on the material from which it is made. And the choice of materials here is quite wide. We offer to figure out what belt buckles are usually made of, and what determines the choice of material.

The vast majority of buckles will be used for everyday wear. They do not require serious design refinements, but reliability is required. Also, these buckles should be inexpensive. The combination of these requirements leads us to an alloy of zinc, aluminum and copper.

This alloy is used in 90% of cases as the optimal material. The buckles are quite light, inexpensive and moderately reliable. Just right for everyday use. The top of the buckle is usually covered with chrome, copper or other metal to give the desired color and additional protection.

If you need to reduce the cost of the buckle, it is made on the basis of aluminum. As a result, the products are rather unreliable, since it is difficult to make smooth and high-quality small parts from aluminum, for example, a tongue. In addition, this metal is easily bent and crumpled.

Sometimes steel can be used as a material for the buckle. In this case, the strand will be heavier, but a little more reliable. The main disadvantage of this material is that the steel rusts as soon as the coating of the same ones is erased: copper, nickel or chromium.

Brass or bronze is a serious choice for serious belts. These materials are reliable and time-tested, but also more expensive. Brass and bronze have characteristic colors, but their buckles can also be silver. To do this, they are coated with silver or titanium.

If the belt should be not just a wardrobe item, but a premium gift, precious metals can be used. Buckles made of gold, silver or platinum cost a lot, but everyone is well aware of the reason for such a price.

Choosing the right buckle for a belt is a guarantee of its quality. If you do not want to make a mistake with the choice, please contact us. We have a database of trusted suppliers, so we can easily find you a factory that is ready to supply only the highest quality fittings at the best prices!
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