What materials are men's underwear made from?

What materials are men's underwear made from?


Underwear is a very important and in many ways special type of clothing. Since underwear is always in direct contact with the skin, and even with the most delicate and sensitive that a person has, this underwear must meet a number of important requirements.

Immediately clarify that we will talk about ordinary everyday underwear. We will consider swimming trunks and sports underwear another time, as they have their own unique requirements and features.

So, men's underpants, like any other underwear, should be comfortable first of all. In addition, one of the main requirements is high wear resistance, because shorts will be worn every day, moreover, they will always be in contact with outerwear, which increases the load on the fabric.

Also, underwear should allow the skin to breathe and effectively remove moisture. Under no circumstances should these requirements be ignored.

Naturally, the first material that comes to mind is cotton. Cotton fabric is hypoallergenic, that is, it will not cause unnecessary irritation in the most intimate places. In addition, cotton fabrics are very pleasant to the touch and do not cause discomfort when wearing things made of them for a long time.

However, there are many disadvantages of this fabric. First, pure cotton fabric wears out quickly. This material is not very resistant to external influences. Secondly, cotton fabrics are not particularly elastic. They will not accurately follow the contours of the body, which can lead to inconvenience when wearing shorts. The third point - from frequent washing (and underwear is washed often), cotton fabric also loses its properties and deforms.

The way out of this situation, as always, is to use synthetic materials. By adding a small amount of elastane, polyester or microfiber, we get an excellent material for underwear.

Synthetics will give the fabric the necessary elasticity and resistance to stress, increase the life of the linen, and also make it more comfortable for everyday wear.

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