Why are jersey sportswear better than synthetic ones?

Why are jersey sportswear better than synthetic ones?


Sportswear has always had special requirements compared to everyday clothes. A sports suit must have the following properties:
  • allow air to pass through and circulate,
  • be durable and withstand a wide variety of environmental impact,
  • perfectly absorb moisture to wick away sweat,
  • easy to wash and dry quickly,
  • to be convenient and comfortable both for exercises and for simple wearing.
With the widespread use of synthetic fabrics, many sports items began to be made exclusively from them. Sometimes it makes sense, but don't forget about natural materials that have unique properties.

Sports jersey is the perfect choice for almost any sportswear. Whether it's a simple jogging tracksuit or a diving suit, the jersey fits 100%

First, it fully complies with the requirements listed above. The knitted fabric is pleasant to the touch, it is comfortable to move in it. Also sports jersey is very durable and reliable. This allows you to play sports without fear and then wash your sportswear.

Secondly, the jersey is completely eco. As a rule, no more than 10% polyester is added to the fabric of such a plan for elasticity, and everything else is natural materials. That is, jersey sportswear is perfect even for children.

Thirdly, jersey can be very different. You can choose the fabric for specific things so that you simply cannot find a better option!

We offer jersey for sportswear in different colors and textures. We will help you choose material for any purpose at a reasonable price.

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