Why is cotton still one of the most popular materials?

Why is cotton still one of the most popular materials?


Cotton has been known to mankind for many centuries. People from different parts of the planet have used and are using clothes made from this material, while things made of cotton do not lose their relevance and popularity. Why has not such an old material as cotton gone out of our lives with the development of technology and the invention of hundreds of other more modern materials for the textile industry? It's all about the properties of the cotton fabric!

First of all, cotton retains heat well. This is one of the main requirements for the material from which the clothes will be made. Cotton does an excellent job in this task, for which it is very loved.

The next important property of cotton is breathability. In cotton clothes, a person will not feel hot, because the fabric is highly breathable and allows the skin to “breathe”. Also, this property helps to remove excess moisture from the body.

Sustainability of cotton has become especially important in recent years. Cotton can be 100% natural, which means that things made from it will be hypoallergenic and will suit absolutely any person.

High reliability and resistance to wear and tear also distinguish cotton from other fabrics. Not every natural and even synthetic material can boast such a long service life as cotton.

Cotton blends well with other materials to create fabrics with the desired properties. For example, using cotton, they produce such materials as: jeans, corduroy, chintz, flannel and others.

Thanks to these properties, cotton remains one of the most demanded materials. Cotton is grown in over 80 countries, and the number of things made from cotton is impossible to count.

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